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Here's what I am trying to do...
I am trying to find the resources necessary to start a Wiki and do this through an MS Windows platform. the problem is, that information on setting up a Wiki through a Windows platform isn't readily available, let alone helpful in any direction. The resources to start a Wiki appear to be diluted. There are many projects and different types of wiki software out there, but there really isn't a guide to help you get started on a Wiki project. the information just isn't available. Especially if you want to learn more about it at home.

I think the main difficulties are finding the resources to make it easy in a Windows platform to any end type user. I've learned of many websites that offer wiki hosting. Obviously they are paid services, however I don't think this route is the most effective. Sure it can solve any situation given that you can throw money at it, however what if you want to try this at home? I, myself am a do-it-yourself type of guy and a guide really isn't available. However the direction I am approaching this isn't the standard norm, but very overlooked either way. Who wants to host a Wiki from Windows? Well, I do. The resources I have seen are very Linux based resources and quite frankly, I am not going to setup another Linux box just to test out a Wiki.

I have 2 computers that are readily used at home. My main computer has Windows Vista, and my laptop has Ubuntu Linux 6.10. On the Ubuntu, i've already dedicated the box to learning more about Linux and Ruby on Rails programming. I even installed MythTV on it (which I shouldn't have). I want my Linux box to be a learning experience for programming and Linux. Not for Hosting Wikis. Hence, there is my Windows box which I do a blunt majority of the work needed for anything outside of playing. It hosted a BBS, it downloads all my big Linux distros, it's a media center for recording TV shows, it's a server for Music and Movies. It's the everything box. I want to host a Wiki from it for testing since it has more firepower for this sort of job.

The more recent resources (and most promising lead so far) in starting a Wiki is at this site...

I will have to research it further, but the first hours of searching on information have been crap so far. As soon as more information is readily availabe, I will post it and hopefully my stumbling blocks so far can be made into building blocks to help others along...

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