Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ruby on Rails derailed by unknown creature.. film at 11.

Originally Posted: 2007-01-25 @ 5:43:14 pm

It's so damn frustrating when Ruby on Rails does not want to cooperate. I started working back to the rails4days pdf that helped me start the basics into RoR and even that pdf doesn't cover the problems that I am having. I think the problem may lie with the fact that my plural versions of the names of my databases are not the same. That's the only thing I can think of...

I have created a MySQL database called "ruby". Inside this database is a table called "tacops". I populated 'tacops' with the proper fields that I want populated inside the scafford that I will create later on (scaffold :tacops). Anyway, i put in the directory rails 'tacops'. Something I probably should have named 'ruby' but doesn't matter at this point (at least I don't think so). I have Apache pointing into that directory (c:\www\webroot\tacops\blah blah blah). I ran the controller script, the model script and the scaffold scripts. I edited the controller script and added "scaffold :tacops" line into the script to activate the tables for rails. When I go to the site, it just tells me "uninitialized constant Tacop". I ran every scenerio I could think of to correct the issue, but I think ruby has a problem when i name my databases plural instead of singular. The problem with that is the notification system I want to impliment is tacops. It's not plural but alas Ruby think's it is.

Either way this shouldn't cause a problem..right? I won't get the chance to work on this issue on this database for probably another couple of weeks because I am being relocated to my old spot in the back area again. It has a win2k machine and I don't feel like installing servers everywhere I go. I have 2 apache servers and ruby installed on both machines as well.

I',m just a little frustrated today. That's all. I just need to get my Linux box working with ruby but I haven't put much effort into that either. Just another project..

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